Music Today


Khalyn Jones, Reporter/Writer

There is a lot of music out there and for me, I have no idea what to listen to every day. For me, I like old-school stuff and so do other people I asked. I had to find out what more people liked so I interviewed people and I got a lot of information about what people listen to. I found out things that I didn’t even know about some people. I asked Mikayla what she thinks about music nowadays and she said “ I like it and I’m glad that there are a lot of genres out there today.” I also found out what her favorite genre is. She said, “I like pop or alternative rock.”

I talked to a lot of people and every time I thought about how no one said they like jazz or old rap songs. I asked Riley some of the same questions and she said “I like pop, my favorite of all the genres.” On the topic of pop, there are a lot of songs in that genre and when I hear pop I don’t think of anything so I ask people what they think about when they hear pop and Riley said: “ I think about a radio station 94.7.” I talked to people and some of the people I talked to were just ready and loved talking about music.

Talking to people about music and what they like helped me find out things I had in common with other people. Talking to people about what they like is a good way to find out things and I like talking to people about music and movies to find out what they like. When it comes to music, people are themselves and help people express themselves.