Where Did Baseball go?


Brody Martin, Reporter/Writer

Sports at RBMS are starting but just one is missing Baseball. Baseball would benefit so many people. The sport of baseball is beneficial to everyone because you get to exercise and work as a team. 

RBMS does not have a baseball program currently. Coach Mcguairt said, “Not having baseball available is not an RBMS thing it is a Leander ISD thing”. Also, he said that “We don’t have enough money for the baseball program .” One reason why we have football and not baseball is that a football field can be used for soccer, track and field, and many others. But baseball fields can only be used for baseball. It is not a coaching issue because coach Mcguairt said that he would love to coach baseball.

If we really want to play now we could start a club. Take soccer club for example. They play games and scrimmage. We could do that in the baseball club. You also need a teacher to start a club at RBMS. Since coach Mcguairt wants to coach baseball we could run it by him. 

 In general, most middle schools don’t have baseball so it is no surprise that we don’t have baseball, but we can always start a club. In conclusion, we probably will never have baseball as a sport but we only have to wait until high school.


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