Behind The Computer Or Behind The Desk?

A picture of online zoom

Mikaela Yanez, Reporter/Writer

After COVID-19, school was shut down and moved online. A lot of kids like myself stayed online for the full year and a half while other kids got to go in person and experience school more than others. After going in person I can say that it is a lot different than what I thought it would be and here’s why.

When being online you are on a screen for 8 hours a day sitting in your room trying to keep up with the teacher. Being online took away basically all of my motivation. Being online also affected my grades and made me not look forward to school. Sometimes my wifi would cut out and I would miss a whole lesson or get too distracted by my phone. Being online was rough but I was even more scared of going in person. I’d gotten so used to waking up at 7 and being at home, I was afraid I wouldn’t adjust to being in person. I was scared of the people there and how I wouldn’t be able to fit in, but it wasn’t what I expected at all.

I thought going in person would be tough, I thought kids would be mean, that teachers wouldn’t like me, I thought that school would be a place I hated. Surprise, surprise, it wasn’t. Over my online year, I managed to make a lot of friends, apparently, I knew way more people than I thought. I got along with everybody and learning was ten times easier. Now, even though my horrid expectations didn’t come true it was still different.

 Last year because of  COVID-19  we had a different bell schedule which included A&B days (4 periods each day). Although I was online last year the 4 extra periods a day still affected me. I was used to being in a class for an hour and forty-five minutes so going from that to 45-55 minute classes every day was quite different. Also because this is my first year in person it felt even more like the first day of middle school.

I’d say that Overall in person school is easier and better for most students, it helps us be more active and allows us to participate more. I’m so glad we’re back in person and I hope it stays that way.