LGBTQIA+ Safety At School


Heats of flags and gender identity

Bee Jimenez, Reporter/Writer

School should feel like a safe space if your home isn’t one, it should also be a safe space to learn and grow as individuals. Hello, I’m Bee a pansexual, demisexual, trans male using he/they and xe/xem pronouns with Cougar News and I’m here today with the LGBTQIA+ safety at school. Our school has had a reputation since the fight in the 2019-2020 school year and why not change that with being an inclusive school no matter what your sex, gender, race, etc. is?

How can we do this? Well, we can start with not pulling flags and harassing kids who are LGBTQIA+ as they may already feel unwanted at home for what they identify as and the last thing they need is a homophobic action or comment towards them at school. We can teach kids about the community, flags, history, and pronouns so they have a better understanding. “We can enforce punishments on those who harm members.” Ms.Thomas has said, “Address the situation directly”.

Lots of people have been homophobic, but how do we stop this? The answer is educating, it won’t always work but it would be a start. There are always teachers you can address this to but this won’t always work. Sometimes we can’t change people, but you should always respect the community no matter what, whether you support it or not since we can’t control what we are. Blante homophobia isn’t ok as so many people already deal with it out of school and no one needs to deal with it in school. You wouldn’t be too happy either if you got bullied and were going through a tough time.

That’s my opinion from interviews with others, what do you think? Have you dealt with homophobic actions and if so how did you deal with them? Is there a time you’ve felt uncomfortable at school? I’m Bee and this is Cougar News signing off.