Are Esports A Sport?


Brody Martin, Reporter/Writer

Do you think that esports are sports? Well, I’ll get to the bottom of that.  First off, what is your definition of a sport?  My definition is a physical activity that competes in competitions. The google definition says that the definition of a sport is physical activity with teams of one or many people for entertainment. If you want to consider thumb movement a sport think what you want but I don’t feel it is. It does check 2 out of 3 boxes but I still consider that not passing.

I have been walking around the school asking the people of RBMS if E-sports is a sport and my results are 61% no 39% yes. By a somewhat large margin, the majority of people say no. One thing I noticed was that the people who chose yes said “absolutely” but the people who chose no said, “obviously not”. This resulted in most people being very divided, and not very many people left in the middle.

What does Khalyn Jones think? ”I think for something to be a sport it needs to require focus, skill, and practice.” For Khalyn Jones E-sports checks 3 out of 3 boxes.