We’re Ready Coach!


Kaleb Bielfeldt, Reporter/Writer

8th-grade football players are always wondering what they can do for the next step, high school. Today we talked to the Leander High School Football Coaching Staff.  

Coach Lopez, who is the Defensive Coordinator and Assistant Head Coach of the Leander High School football team discusses with us how the LHS Defense works and what they look for. “First thing, do they love contact? Because you can teach a kid all these schemes and how to play, but you can’t teach them how to love getting hit or being physical. Also, do they love to play the game? Because I know some kids play for their parents, some do it to be the popular one in school. At the end of the day, you just got to love the game.”

Coach Price is the Head Coach and Athletic Director at LHS. The head coach coaches both sides, offense and defense, which gives us a different perspective of the entire game and what they look for. Coach Price discusses with us his hopes and dreams for the LHS Football Team. “I hope that all the hard work that they put in over this past offseason works out for them. I know that especially last year with all the covid restrictions and guidelines that it looked really different, and I know they’ve had to work really hard over the course of last spring and the offseason and I hope that they get what they want out of it. We’re excited for the entire program from 8th all the way to the seniors because I know that the 8th grade class, especially at RBMS, is extremely talented.” 

8th graders might be wondering how they can get on the Freshman or JV LHS teams. Coach Price gives us some insight into those requirements. “We try to keep our freshmen together because you’re combining two middle schools, LMS and RBMS, and that’s a group of kids that haven’t played together a whole heck of a lot. You know the freshmen are the foundation for the next four years of the program so we want to be used to playing together before we go any further.” Coach Price said, “I think they should take the offseason seriously you know I think even with our seniors we think that the offseason is a time to take off. But for the guys that are asking you know how can I make JV as a freshman or Varsity as a sophomore you have to physically be able to handle it. And that means getting into the weight room and using good form and running. And I encourage all of those guys to run track this Spring.”

Coach Bailey is the Offensive Coordinator at LHS and this is his third year. He was also an All-American in college and was the starting running back for four years at Tarleton State University. Coach Bailey shares with us what he’s hoping our of the upcoming Freshman class. “Since the eighth graders are running our Leander High School offense that they will have a better understanding of the plans and why we are running them when they get to us.  I don’t just want my player to just run the play because I told them to.  I want them to understand the offense.  I challenge them to learn why, and if they know why they will play better.”  In regards to what Coach Bailey wants to see in the players for them to be on the field, he is looking to see the players who know the plans and how to execute them.  Those two things are huge for Coach Bailey to decide who is on the field, are those who don’t make mistakes on the plays and those that can make plays.

Coach Beef. is in his fourth year coaching at LHS and is the designated strength and conditioning coordinator. He was in the Marine Corps and served 2 tours in Iraq and Afghanistan. Coach Beef shares with us what he expects from a D-Lineman. “For our ends, I want guys who can get off the line fast, and when the time calls for it gets in the backfield and sacks the quarterback. For our noses, I want guys that hold their ground and control the gaps while having multiple linemen hit them.” Working during the season and offseason is important and Coach Beef shares some tips for our 8th graders. “As the strength and conditioning coordinator one thing I’m big on is can you move well and efficiently. I’m not necessarily concerned about how much you lift, because I’ve never seen you lift so I don’t know if you’re doing the proper form or technique.” He also said, “I don’t care how much is on the bar. I want you to be able to move fast and be strong in your movements.”

Anyone who plays football dreams about being a part of Friday Night Lights. The feeling of having a whole stadium packed watching you play as the student section roars in excitement. Maybe now we can have a better idea of how to accomplish that dream.