Video Game Opinions


Connor Black, Reporter/Writer

Video games are a lot of people’s favorite things to do. Some people like different consoles and brands over others. An interview from Colt Whisenant says, “My favorite video game is Yo-Kai watch 3”. He said, “it is my favorite game because it was the first game I had and I still really enjoy it.” Colt also said, “My favorite kind of video game genre is Sandbox games because of your own choices. I love to play the 3ds for games because it includes some of my favorite games such as I said Yo-Kai watch 3. I prefer newer games but older is still good, what do you think about the situation? “I prefer the newer games as well because older just isn’t appealing to me,” Colt says. Then he said, “I prefer Pc over my 3ds even though it is my main console I have more enjoyment just as much.” Colt stated. 

If you are wondering what I think about these questions I enjoy Legend of Zelda Breath of The Wild as my favorite game. My favorite kind of games is either open-world RPGs or online games. I play a lot of games either on my Nintendo Switch or my PC.

Other opinions about the topic, such as 8th grader Alise Kavanaugh, think that older games are better than newer ones. She said, “Older games are better because those are the only games my dad has on his Xbox and I like them.” She said, “I don’t have a favorite video game.” Others such as Brodie Martin think that sports games are better he said, “because they are like real life and fun to do things you can’t do in real life.” Brodie also said that his favorite game is MLB the show 21 because he really loves baseball.

From the statistics I thought that it would be a lot less split and it would possibly be leaning more towards online games, but no. Consoles are another thing that is also split because Colt likes Pc and 3DS which only makes me assume he likes Nintendo. While Brody likes the PS4 or PS5, and Alise likes the Xbox. 

From the conclusion, it turns out that there are very split opinions from a lot of different people on games, genres, and consoles.