RBMS Football Thoughts and Opinions

RBMS Football Thoughts and Opinions

Connor Black, Reporter/Writer

The RBMS football team is a very popular topic here at our school, I wanted to give opinions and topics. I started by going to Kaleb Bielfeldt who plays for the 8th-grade team, and asking what he thought about the current state of the RBMS football team. He said, “Well the 8th-grade team still has a lot to work on but I think we have a good chance at district this year. 7th grade so far is struggling hopefully they can step it up.”

I then went to Brodie Jones who is playing for 7th grade so I could get his opinion on the topic as well. He said, “I’m upset with how we are playing we struggled and need to work a bit harder. I think 8th grade looks good though.”

Next, I went to Joshua Grimes who is playing for the 8th-grade RBMS football team and still needed some more information on the topic for how the team felt. He said, “We are really good and 7th grade looks pretty awful, I do not trust how they will play this year.”

Last but not least, I went to Liam Post who plays for the 7th-grade team, and asked him the same question I asked everyone else for a conclusion. I got the best response from him which I think sums everything up perfectly. He said, “I know that we are good, and I know that we have what it takes to win. We just need to practice harder and come together as a team, and we can win games it’s just the start of the season.” I found this inspiring and asked him about the 8th-grade team. He said, “It’s just the start of the season I think they have a good starting lineup and they also have experience in the matter when 7th grade does not at least for a school middle school team.”

I got a lot of different opinions and they all thought 7th grade was not good and 8th was. 8th grade knew all the plays and 7th needs a lot more practice. I believe that 7th grade can step it up with more practice and hopefully the 8th graders still work hard on don’t decline.

Overall, I know that both teams have good players who just need to work hard and come together as a team, and they will be successful. This is the story from the players and students perspectives. If you want an interview or have any more information on the topic feel free to contact me at [email protected]