NJHS Election Season


Joshua Grimes

The library is where the NJHS meetings take place

Joshua Grimes, Editor

The NJHS officer elections have started and the vote will be held at the end of this September. Many people are running for the positions of President, Vice President, Treasurer, Historian, and Secretary. The job of the President is to lead the NJHS meetings, the Vice President helps the president during meetings and takes over when the President can not attend the meeting. The Treasurer keeps track of all money in the NJHS account, and the job of the Historian is to take pictures of events and update the NJHS display in the main hallway. Last but not least the Secretary records meetings and takes attendance.

Candidates record a speech that is 2 to 5 minutes long which NJHS members will see to help them decide who they want to vote for. There was also an NJHS meeting on September 9th for the candidates. This is to help members make a decision on who to vote for, but there has also been campaigning from some candidates. The candidates and some supporters have sent the word out by sending emails to members to convince them to vote for themselves and for the people they support. These emails have had reasons to vote for them and some have just asked for people to vote for them. This has caused some complaints and some are not voting for certain candidates because of the emails while others are voting for certain candidates because of the emails.

The candidates that are running are:

President: Asra Roe, Mark Haggberug, Toriana Bazaldua, Sri Edala,Miriam Alonso ortiz, Sarah Eltgani

Vice President: Adriana Browne, Jack horn, Allan Galeas Aguilar, Kaira Vance

Treasurer: Olivia Cruz, Darek Zhang

Historian: Adair Williams, Avery Pontious

Secretary: Alessia Yadav, Shayaan Sunesara , Alex Krasner


Some Candidates have even teamed up like Asra Roe, Adriana Browne, and Adair Williams. To support each other in emails and possibly in their speeches. In reality, a lot of people will probably vote for who they know. With 136 NJHS members, there will be a lot of votes and elections could be close but it could be a landslide. But we will see what happens during the election and we will see who wins.

Sources: NJHS google classroom
Lindsay Jones