When RBMS Was New


2000 RBMS ribbon cutting

Joshua Grimes, Reporter

Since the school opened in the fall of 2000 a lot of things have changed in the school from the number of students to different classes changing and many other changes. Now there are only two teachers left in the school who have been here since 2000, those being Mr.Terry and Ms.Barrick so to learn more about the first years of the school I interviewed Ms.Barrick who is a 7th-grade math teacher. 


As we enter our 21st school year at RBMS Ms.Barrick has seen it all, every change, every yearbook, every principle, and many other things that have happened in two decades. As I interviewed her I learned many new facts about our school. When the school started there were no portables and there was also a school song which was hung up. The band and choir would perform it which brought more school pride, but one day the banner just came down and it’s not known why. The dance room used to be a home ed elective where students would cook, sow, and learn home skills. 


At the time they also had a computer lab in every hall. They used the colorful IMac G3s.

At the time they also had a computer lab in every hall. They used the colorful iMac G3s.


The student population in the 2000-01 school year was 1,040. In the 2020-21 school year there were 1,294 students so with around 250 fewer students the halls were much less crowded and there were some empty classrooms. The city of Cedar Park has grown from a population of 26,049 in 2000 to a population of 77,595, and the city of Leander has grown from 7,596 in the same year to a population of 59,202. The school has grown too and will continue to slowly grow. 


In the last 21 years, there have been many changes to the school and I am looking forward to what the next 20 years have for Runny Brushy. Go Cougars!


Sources: Margaret Barrick <[email protected]>

2001 RBMS yearbook