New and Improved Cougar News


Riley Freeburg, Reporter

By: Riley Freeburg         Date: 8/26/21

As you may have noticed, the announcements are now being done by the students at RBMS. These students are in an elective called Journalism News Media (AKA Cougar News) that now offers students the chance to do things like this. This is a new feature added as of this year and it’s not the only one, Cougar News has added quite a few new additions to help make the elective a bit more interesting/interactive. 

I have asked the Cougar News teacher(Ms. Dossey) for an interview on what these improvements are and what she thinks about them, these include her responses. The new additions that Ms. Dossey wants are: announcements more often, more stories, students to run the announcements, social media, and for some of us to report about the sports games at the school. The additions that we already have are: badges for interviewing, a new website, and announcements every monday. Considering we have all these new things being added I decided to ask her if anything was taken away, this is how she responded: “I don’t remember taking away anything, although we are planning to add a whole lot. I also hope for even more stories instead of having less than last year and to eventually not have due dates but just write them one after the other non-stop.”. I have also have asked Ms. Dossey if you can access the new website yet and this was her response: “The website is currently only connected to my information on the RBMS website but it will be added to the homepage later on.”. Lastly, I went ahead and asked her which feature is her favourite and she responded with: “The website is definitely the one I’m most excited for, but I want to add editing permission for the students on the website as well so we don’t have to keep uploading docs everytime.”

As you can see there are a lot of new additions, but most of them are hoped to be, so nothing is final yet. These new features sound exciting and will hopefully prove to be, hold on tight for the moment though because these are a work in progress!


Source: Sarah Dossey <[email protected]