The Land of Stories Book Review

The Land of Stories Book Review

Haalee Berry, Reporter/Writer

The Land of Stories, the world of all your favorite fairy tales, starting with a magical book about Alex and Conner Bailey’s grandma. This is where the real story begins. 

Through ups and downs with friendships and trolls, they get through these amazing adventures to find a way out to the human world. 

I think I can relate to Alex, she is a brave girl who wants to do anything for her brother. She stands up for him and they come out of the book together. Even when she chooses to stay in the Land Of Stories with her grandma, she will always remember her brother that stayed with her from the very beginning.

I think that Connor is a great person. Kind, brave, helpful and good. He helps people when in need like his sister, Goldilocks, Jack, and princess trolls. He would be good to look up to because he is a very good influence and he would be a good person to hang out with, a good friend.

That is what I think about these two main characters. You can read this book from our RBMS library, I highly recommend it. People that like adventure, fantasy and a little romance you would really want to get this book. 

Cougar News signing off.