Athletics Typhoon Texas Trip


Alyse Kavanaugh, Brody Martin, Reporter/Writer

It’s about that time for end of the year trips, award ceremonies and banquets but we’re going to talk about the athletics trip to Typhoon Texas.

Typhoon Texas has 9 main attractions including the snake pit, a lazy river, and many more! The park offers food and drinks, along with hours and hours of fun!

The students are very excited to have fun with their fellow peers and athletes, as well as their coaches. One student says that their favorite part,“It was very fun and the employees were very nice.”What was your favorite part of the park? “The race slides, because everything else is boring” says 7th grader, Presley Borie. This trip is taking place Tuesday the 24 of may and they are leaving to go to Typhoon Texas after their award ceremony.

All athletes are ready for the party and there is also an award ceremony before the party to which the students who did well, or won an event at districts will be recognized.

The coaches decided to treat their athletes to this after the girls 8th grade track team won districts, 7th grade boys football winning 2nd place overall in the district, 8th grade boys getting 3rd in the district for football and overall a great season for all athletes around the school.

Congrats on working hard all year round and for making our school proud Cougars!