Pop Music and Their Artists


Mikaela Yanez, Reporter/Writer

Summer is coming up and so are all the new artists’ concerts! In recent pop culture a lot of people have been rising very fast. Some people have become more popular as days go on although producing music for a while. Upcoming artists are heading on tour and even being sold out for lots of Tate Mcrae, Olivia Rodrigo, Mitski, and many more artists.  Other people like Tyler the creator, Justin bieber and Billie eillish are continuing their tours during the summer even leading into the upcoming fall.

Recently lots of artists have been growing in the pop industry thanks to promotion over fans in social media. Olivia Rodrigo dropped drivers license as a single in early 2021. According to seventeen this song blew up having over 1.1 billion streams and being one of the most played songs on spotify before dropping two more following songs in april then releasing her debut album in late may. The album went crazy winning three Grammys and two MTV awards. Following her album Olivia announced her Sour tour in late 2021.

Tate mcrae has been around way longer than her recognition has. Mcrae posted singing videos on her Youtube as early as 2017, mostly all her singing videos were original songs, some even being her most popular and well known songs. According to euphoria Around two years later in 2019 Mcrae started getting recognized by record labels.

Olivia and Tate are just two examples of young teens becoming famous and now being some of the most successful artists in the pop industry. Many more artists are going on tour and you can see them too by finding tickets on popular outlets like ticketmaster and seatgeek! So enjoy your summer and go see your favorite songs on stage!