The Exciting NBA playoffs


Connor Black, Reporter/Writer

The NBA playoffs are one of the most exciting times of the year for a lot of basketball fans. The thrill of the elimination, the amazing stats, the buzzer-beaters, and the NBA championships. You probably love the NBA playoffs if you are a basketball fan.

My favorite NBA team currently and always will be even if they are horrible is the Utah Jazz. Being from Utah I have loved going to Utah Jazz games ever since I was a baby. They have never won a championship because the 2 times they went to the finals in 1997 and 1998 They were met by Michael Jordan who eliminated them both times and the Bulls won the championships. They have failed to reach the finals since, but I still love them.

Right now the first round of playoffs has ended and the league is currently in the second round of playoffs. many series are still remaining close while some still remain not too close at all. My prediction for the NBA Finals as much as I wish my team makes it every year is the Golden State Warriors Vs. the Boston Celtics. Both of these teams have elite players like the Golden State Warriors have Steph Curry 2x MVP, Klay Thompson -the other splash brother, 5x All-Star, and 2x NBA All Third Team ( award for being a member of the best third position in the league). They also have Andrew Wiggins 1x all-star, as well as Jordan Poole (Rising Star). The Boston Celtics have Jayson Tatum who hit a buzzer-beater against the Brooklyn Nets in this series which they have already eliminated. Tatum is a 3x all-star. They have Jaylen Brown who hasn’t been to an all-star game and is a huge part of the Celtics offense. They have Marcus Smart who just won Defensive Player Of the Year and is also elite on offense.

The playoffs are exhilarating if you have a favorite team and want to cheer for them. It is a fun family event to do with family and friends as you go through amazing wins and tough losses together, and when your team wins it is an amazing feat for the team and fans. It makes you proud to be a fan of your team. 

This is why I believe you should watch the NBA playoffs and enjoy them with your family. These are incredible times to have during the year. 


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