Playing The Game


Khalyn Jones, Reporter/Writer

Fortnite Battle Royale is the game that took over 2018. It is the game everyone hates and loves. But what makes it good? It was released on July 21, 2017. Almost everyone started to like it in 2018 but mostly when the Battle Royale part came out. It has come a long way and now there are people all around the world playing. With this big game it gives you a mode where you can create and go person versus person. There is also a Battle Royale part and there is also a zombies game mode.
I really enjoyed playing this game myself but it is not about what I think. I wanted to know what some of my fellow schoolmates think about this game so I went and interviewed some people. First I interviewed 7th grader Blake Ligocky and he said, “I like Fortnite but it is not my favorite game because it’s almost dead and Warzone and Apex are better. It’s pretty bad because the sweats, I’d rather play box fights.” I also interviewed 7th grader Regan Leonard and she said, “ I do not like Fortnite, it’s not my favorite game. It’s the worst game.” Most people interviewed did not like Fortnite, that means it’s in a big decline in popularity. 7th grader Matthew Escobedo said, “C.O.D is overall better, newer and is very realistic and actually makes sense.”
The way Fortnite is changing their game it seems to make people not like it. Their rapped updates are just sending them down hill. This gets you thinking about what would make this game better. Lots of people have made comments on how to make this game better but they never really listen. Most suggestions have to do with setting the game back to what it used to be. If they just found a way to add everything that everyone wanted that would make the game even better, but for now it is how it is.