What Made You Want To Be A Teacher?


Liam Post

Middle school RBMS science teacher Mrs. Wynn has been teaching at RMBS for a while now and she makes the kids learn lots about science. She also is very kind and will always help you if you are struggling with anything. So today I wanted to ask her a couple of questions Starting with why did you decide to become a teacher? “ Because I love science and like teaching kids” My second question for Mrs.Wynn I wanted to know how she likes to teach and what is something that she likes to get out to her students “ Always try your best” I was also curious how much more or less she liked her first day of teaching vs her newer days of teaching “ The first day of school everyone was kind of shy and now they are more into science and like to talk more” I was wondering if she had new goals or a bucket list after a new year of school stared “Every year my goal is to want the kids to learn how to study better and be the best they can at science” That all the questions that I had for Mrs. Wynn and was very happy that she was my science teacher and other kids so they could learn lots about science. I would also love to know more about her down the line and hopefully for years to come, Signing off its Liam Post.