Broken Machinery

Jacob Martinez

Broken Machinery


Broken machinery, sometimes it does not work or sometimes it makes weird sounds.

It can happen with any item that has moving parts, like a broken oven in a restaurant, a cash register in a store or even a gas station near my house.


My mother’s favorite machine is the washing machine. It’s a quiet machine, but sometimes it bangs the wall like a hammer hitting the wall.  My mom stated, “I can’t get a wink of sleep sometimes because all I hear is, bang, bang, bang, bang.  Also, how can my husband sleep?”  She has hired many people to fix it, but they say nothing is wrong with it and can’t figure it out. We all wonder what the problem is and who will be able to fix it. 


I asked my brother Jadon if he has any idea what the problem could be or if he has heard the weird sound.  He stated,  “yeah there is one thing and he showed me his pc he said ” yea so i’m not sure what’s wrong with it, the problem is it can’t run some of these games”.  He’s ordered over hundreds of dollar of parts to fix but it just won’t work. If its not the parts then what is it.


 My Father, I asked him if he had anything that sounded weird or broken. then he goes ” well we have our bed, it really hurt my back and it’s hard to fall asleep”

They have bought many beds and they can’t find the right one. I myself helped with the bed and could not get it to work but to no surprise, nothing works.

Sometimes something is not meant to be fixed. In the end these machines can break easily and can’t be fixed. When it comes to stuff like this, sometimes it can be so fragile and we don’t even know it so next time you unbox something make sure to read the label. Sometimes the label will let you know if your item is fragile and can be broken easily.

This is Jacob Martinez with Cougars News.