Girls are Bossy and Boys are Immature, What’s New?


Mikaela Yanez, Reporter/Writer

Everyone at any school can agree that boys and girls each have their own flaws. “If I were to describe boys in one word it’d probably be annoying,” 7th grader Presley Borie said, “They don’t know when to stop talking.” Boys could say similar things about girls, “They are idiotic,” Connor Black said, “They are always in dumb drama.” Although these sound pretty harsh coming from the opposite gender, girls can say the same thing about girls and boys can say the same about boys. “Girls are dramatic,” 8th grader Riley Freeburg said, “They are always emotional.” “Boys are immature,” 7th grader  Brody Martin said, “They can’t handle anything.” It’s funny that Brody says that, according to

women mature at 32 and men mature at 43. 

Maybe because girls act more mature than boys in the tween they get called bossy. “I feel like it’s accurate at some points in time,” 7th Khalyn Jones, “there is sometimes where they feel like they need to be in control.” 8th grader Alyse Kavanaugh agrees with the statement she said, “we are because we think we know everything and we can do it better,” She explains, “or instruct people to do it better.”

“Boys are distracted and immature, they get distracted by social life and sports and technology,” said 8th grade Ela teacher Mrs.Burke.That is just an opinion from Mrs.burke who was previously a 6th grade teacher so she’s dealt with a range of kids. 

“Girls are entitled,” Alyse said,  “they act they own everything or everything belongs to them.” 

Boys and Girls may have their faults but we will have to deal with these premature attitudes just for 3 more years. Never thought I’d say I was excited for high school, hopefully, they are more mature by then.