A Way Out

Jacob Martinez, Reporter/Writer

A Way Out is a two-player co-op game where two old friends named Leo and Vincent meet back with each other in prison. Leo is young and hyper, he always wants to take risks and will do anything to get his goal of escaping. Vincent on the other hand is older and is calmer, he thinks about his strategies before he does them. He does not take risks and usually takes the safe way. The two have to escape prison together and get revenge on a certain someone who betrayed them both.

The game takes place in 1970 California, there are chapters you must beat in order to get to the end game part where Leo and Vincent kill and take revenge on Harvey and get back to the mainland. turns out Vincent was an undercover cop on a mission to kill Harvey and arrest leo, leo ends up getting mad at vincent and they had a huge tussle with one ending up dead, there are only 2 endings both are very sad, scarring you for life permanently.

Leo is an orphan that grew up with his friend named Linda, they later get married and have a kid named Alex. Leo started doing crime early in his life. When he stole a very valuable diamond named the black orlov, everything went downhill. Now he goes to prison, trying to escape for his son and wife. Vincent is a former banker who got into a gang and was arrested for fraud, embezzlement and murder that he didint do. He is calm and was arrested at the start of the game.

In the end Leo or Vinccint die with both really sad endings to the game putting down the conconshuin.Vinccint died the way of the family, doing what was right for him and his blood by killing the man who killed his brother, if Leo shoots vincent. that’s one ending, for the second ending if vincent shoots leo, leo dies the way of self regret, we get a cut scene with leo saying that he has put many at risk of death even his own family, leo’s dead leo’s family leave town and vincent’s baby being born. A way out is a good game to play with 2 player and can bring people together over all it’s a good game

A Great game.