Snap Shot


Khalyn Jones and Brody Martin

A lot of photos are taken each year, most are just of memory and some just to have some fun. But there is a wrong time to take them like in school. Some student parents signed a form that states that they can not be in pictures without parent’s consent. Although it is fair game if there is a public area. This all started as a tik-tok trend to make a sleeping account on Instagram. They would take pictures of people sleeping in school and post it without their permission. 

There are people who have good things but they mess it up. I wanted to know more about how people at school felt and what they know. First, we interviewed 7th grader Mikaela Yanez she told us “I do and don’t feel like the pictures are ok because for some kids it is just a joke and for other, it changes their prospective.’’ I get that some of the kids wanted to be posted but it is still against the school rules. She also told us “If the pictures get taken down when the person asks then it’s ok but if they don’t list it and keep it up then it’s bad.” I get it but rules are rules and it says that you are not allowed to take pictures of people in school.

 There was more than one person ran the account at a time. Kids do silly things to get attention so if it will make them famous they would do it. They will overdo some things and they never stop to think about how this affects other people.