The American Underdog Review

The American Underdog Review

Conner Black , Writer/Reporter

The American Underdog is the story of Kurt Warner. He is an NFL quarterback who played in the NFL for 12 seasons. He is considered the best NFL player of all time who wasn’t even drafted. He led his team to 2 super bowls winning 1 in 1999 against the Tennessee Titans. He was named MVP of the NFL twice. Once in 1999 when they won the super bowl, and another time in 2001. He was introduced into the NFL hall of fame in 2017 after an outstanding career. 

The story starts in a small house In Iowa, and it starts by explaining how much Kurt Warner loves football. He says after he watched Joe Montana play and win the super bowl MVP, it said how he wanted to be that guy. He goes outside to throw a ball then it goes to years later where he is playing Quarterback at the University of Northern Iowa. This is his first year starting after sitting on the bench for three years as he is finally starting as a senior.

The coach didn’t start him not because he wasn’t good, but because he didn’t listen. His coach always told him to stay in the pocket behind the Offensive Lineman. He gets benched again because he keeps running out the side but is completing good passes. The coach still gets mad. Staying inside the pocket is one of the most important things a QB can do.

One day he goes into a bar with his teammate and sees a girl that he thinks is beautiful and tries flirting with her. He finds out her name is Brenda. She then goes on to say she is single with 2 kids. He still believes she is her true love and she still tries to help her kids. One of her kids is blind and he helps him fix his radio and he learns to trust him. She eventually trusts him as well. You have to watch the movie to see if the relationship works out. He starts listening to the coach and starts. He starts getting school records and the NFL draft begins soon. He has to prepare for it and doesn’t know what to expect. He doesn’t get drafted and is very sad until he gets called down by the Green Bay Packers to try out at QB. The chances of him starting were already very low because the famous Brett Favre was the starter at the time. He went down and didn’t know the playbook and immediately got cut. He was mainly focusing on his family at the time, but at a restaurant, a coach for a different league offered to come and play for him. It was only a 50-yard field and hardly any defense and very fast playstyles.

Kurt didn’t know what to do, but he hoped a team would recognize him and call him down to play. He played through the league and got destroyed at first but eventually got the hang of it. Then the head coach of the Los Angeles Rams (St. Louis Rams at the time) calls him down to come and play for him. He is extremely excited, but he would be a backup even if he passed tryouts because the QB was the legendary Trent Green who carried the team. He passed the tryouts, and in-game one Trent Green got injured. Now the coaches have to decide what to do. Kurt Warner thought that the Offensive Coordinator hated him, but he was seeing if he was ready. They eventually thought he was ready, and after playing there was no going back to Trent Green because Kurt Warner was clearly better. He stayed the starter for the rest of his career for 11 years. He came out to have a legendary career. 

Overall I thought that this movie was an 8 out of 10 and I definitely enjoyed the movie, but I spoiled it. This was my personal opinion, but if you still want to watch it after the spoilers I would recommend it. I left out a lot of smaller nice details. So I would still recommend watching this movie.