Khalyn Jones, Reporter/Writer

This school has been here for years, and it has made a lot of changes in that time. One of them is that the school has been becoming more and more accepting. You can be whatever or whoever you want. They even have a LGBTQIA+ club, and anyone can join even if you are not part of the LGBTQIA+. Now, not everyone is accepting but they always can change, and we work hard to do that. 

I wanted to find out how some of the people in the LGBTQIA+ community felt about it all. First, I interviewed Alyse Kavanaugh and she said, “ It feels nice that I’m loved and supported. It’s not really an advantage, it’s a disadvantage if anything. “When asked if people treated her differently she said, “ yes my parents do.” I found out how most of them feel when I interviewed 7th grader Mikaela Yanez and she said, “ It feels nice that I’m not the only one and not everyone is accepting but I get through it.”

The way people get to know each other is a wonderful thing and hating people because of what they like is wrong. But nowadays that is the way it is. It’s wrong but time will pass and hopefully, things will get better.