Mr. Terry Spotlight

Brody Martin, Reporter/Writer

Mr. Terry is a well known 7th grade teacher at RBMS for being funny, engaging, and interesting! 22 years at the school means you have a lot of great memories and funny stories. Mr. Terry has made RBMS home to him and wants to make it feel like home for others. 

Mr. Terry does not only teach, he has a life outside of school. ”I like to cook,” said Mr. Terry “Especially trying new recipes”  He also loves to learn even more about Texas history. He is currently the department head of 7th-grade social studies and has been for the last 15 years. One thing Mr. Terry likes about staying here so long is he gets to see all the siblings from kids in the previous years.  

Mr.Terry has told his students many stories about his years here “One of the most funny stories from all of my teaching years is when we did not have phones” Mr. Terry said, “They would pass around notes and it would be funny to read what they write on the notes”. Mr. Terry has been teaching for a very long time starting at a young age and he has taught 4th grade for 2 years and is going on his 23rd year in 7th grade.

One fun fact about Mr. Terry is that he is afraid of flying. Something crazy that you would never suspect our beloved Social studies teacher would be is a kidnapper “When I was in college I had a pen pal who was around 10” Mr. Terry said, “Because of miscommunication I was almost accused of kidnapping”.

Mr. Terry has worked at RBMS for a very long time like over a decade long time and he’s made friends along the way.”There are a lot of people that come and go but one person that has stayed with me for all of the years is Mrs. Barrick.” It must be weird to see kids you teach graduate through all the years, ” I’ve been teaching for 25 years, I’ve worked here for 21 years” That means he’s taught around 147 classes in his time of teaching. 

Mr. Terry will forever be known as one of the best history teachers in the 7th grade, he will go down as an RBMS legend.