A Good Kind of Trouble Review


Haalee Berry, Reporter/Writer

A Good Kind of Trouble is about a girl who is fighting for Black lives at school. This is a good read for the month of February, for it relates to Black history. Shayla is a good example of someone standing up. 

In chapter 60, the principal announces that the armbands violate the school’s dress policy. She warns the students that if they do not take off their armbands, they will face disciplinary action. A White boy in class demands that Shayla take off her armband, but Shayla refuses to do so. This proves that even though she might get in trouble, she will get in trouble for a good reason hence the name “A Good Kind of Trouble”. 

Shayla’s sister, Hana is risking her life to protest for these people that are getting hurt for no reason. She is raising a flag for Black Lives Matter.  There are other amazing people that stood up and fought in this in school and outside protests. We all should remember all the people that helped us and showed us that Black Lives Matter