Cougar News Is The Best Elective Rap💪😎🔥

Colt Whisenant, Reporter/Writer

Cougar News is the best elective😯

yea, We stay calm and collected😌

writing stories yea, we respected😎

we know everything, yea we detectives🤨


We got the best stuff yea we’re on fire🔥

we be better than the band and the choir💪

You know Cougar news is growing, higher😆

ima throw those bullies, in the fryer🧦


I am bored so ima keep going😉

rhymes so fire yea, mind-blowing😲

Stories fire yea, they are glowing✨

so many stories yea, overflowing😀


Cougar News Versus Year Book😒

Cougar News is better just look😊

Using the whole year for one Thing🤪

Do you know how many stories we bring?🥺


You should join cougar news🔥

There ain’t nothin to loose🙂

yea We go on a cruise🚢

that is definitely true😋


uh oh this is the end😤

hope you enjoyed it, my friend😀

news is great, I recommend😌

think about it over the weekend😴


and then on Monday come back and join cougar news!😴