Disney Encanto

Disney Encanto

Presley Borie, Reporter/Writer

The movie Encanto is a newer movie that came out in November 2021 that is about a magical family! The main character of the movie is Mirabel Madrigal; everyone in her family has magical powers except for Mirabel. Mirabel soon discovers that the magical powers of her family are endangered and she needs to figure out how to fix it before her family loses their powers.

Overall I think this movie is very good and entertaining. Throughout the movie I was feeling all the emotions and excitement, but I must say my favorite part was all the songs. Like most of the disney movies Encanto has many songs throughout the movie, some of the songs you might have heard are “We Don’t Talk About Bruno” and “The Family Madrigal”.

Student Lanie Saunders loves the movie but her favorite part was the music, “The music is very catchy,” she stated. Lanie definitely thinks you should watch the movie if you get the chance.

Student Olivia Martin enjoyed the movie and her favorite part was also the music, “The music makes the movie so much better” she said. Olivia also highly recommends watching this movie.

Student Haley Molidor loves the movie, but her favorite part was the characters, “I love the way the characters are animated, ” she said. Haley just like everyone else, recommends this movie.

What do you think? Did this convince you to watch Encanto?