Track And Field

Track And Field

Colt Whisenant, Reporter/Writer

Well, it’s that time of the year once again! Track and Field is starting very soon at Running Brushy Middle School! The first meet is Thursday, February 17 at Vista Ridge High School from 4:15 PM to 9:00 PM. 

Track and Field is a group of sports including throwing, running, and jumping. Track is not the same as Cross Country. “Cross Country runs on a course which can be rocky and hilly,” Track Coach Hopp says, “and track just runs on the track.”, there are six track coaches in total. As a one-man sport in school, each event starts out with more athletes participating. (The number of athletes varies for different events.) Then, as the season goes on, only the athletes with the best times go to the next meet until there are only the best three athletes in each event for the final district meet. 

“It’s always fun get out and run,” Coach Hopp says, “and trying to beat your personal best each practice.” For all the 6th or 7th graders who think that this will be something they would be interested in for next year, Coach Hopp says, “Getting out and running is the best thing that could prepare you.” 

If you are friends with a Track and Field athlete, you can support them by going to the track meets (especially the home meets) and watch them during their event! I hope you are excited for the 2022 season! I know I am! Come to the first home meet on February 28th after school and cheer on our Cougars!