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Chief of Staff Laurelyn Arterbury

Chief of Staff Laurelyn Arterbury

Joshua Grimes, Editor

There are many district-level staff positions that help the district keep schools running and the district going. One of these positions is the chief of staff who is under the superintendent.

Our current district chief of staff is Laurelyn Arterbury who has only been chief of staff for 5 months, but has been in education since 2000 teaching at high school, then becoming an assistant principal, and then a high school principal. She has been at the district level for 5 years.

Some of her day to day duties include, “I Work with the superintendent and connect with staff which helps day to day operations.” said Laurelyn Arterbury. She works mostly with Dr. Gearing our current Superintendent who is also helping her learn the job since she is new to it. She also works closely with the district cabinet, and the department heads.

The best part of the job for Laurelyn Arterbury is, “ Knowing everything helps our students.” She also said, “Having a district that focuses on students always.”

Even though our Chief of Staff is new she has already gone to work for the district and for us. She will continue working hard and helping staff. I hope that she can be very successful in her new position and I am excited to see what comes to LISD.