The Joy of Minecraft

The Joy of Minecraft

Connor Black and Joshua Grimes, Writer and Editor

Minecrafters Club is a major club here at RBMS. It started with 13 members but has grown to 25 members. The president is Kimber Buchanan, and there are three vice presidents: Marcus Thompson, Justin Castro Chaves, Alayna Hernandez. 

The Minecrafters Club started last year because “There weren’t many clubs in 6th and a lot of people I knew wouldn’t join those clubs,” said President Kimber Buchanan. The club was started last year by mostly 6th graders.

So what does the Minecrafters Club do? “Everyone comes and I give a challenge to build something and we see what they built,” stated Kimber Buchanan. They are going to start doing speed runs soon as well.

The sponsor is Mr. Hauenstein and he was chosen because “The portables are cool and I knew he wouldn’t make it a strict club,” advised Kimber Buchanan. The Minecrafters Club is in portable  P607 from 3:30- 4:15 P.M. 

The Minecrafters Club is one of the biggest clubs here at RBMS and is an inclusive club for all those who love Minecraft and want to enjoy the game. At the club, you can meet others who also love Minecraft and you can make new friends with similar interests.