Leander’s First MLK Parade

The essay winners on a float at the parade.

The essay winners on a float at the parade.

Colt Whisenant, Reporter/Writer

I am sure you know who Martin Luther King Jr. is. He was a minister, activist, and civil rights leader. He was committed to equality for all and pursued it non-violently. The third Monday of every year is Martin Luther King Jr. Day. 

Ms. Murray is a 7th grade Social Studies Teacher here in RBMS. “[Martin Luther King, Jr.] was such a vital part of the changes that were happening. He advocated for those who weren’t being treated equally and demanded change.” Ms. Murray said, “He set an example for others who were too afraid to speak up. We are in a much better place now because of him–valuing each other for what’s on the inside like he wanted.”

 The City of Leander had its first Annual Martin Luther King Day Parade on Monday. It included many floats for local schools and organizations. At the parade,

I observed there were no floats representing RBMS. “A lot of people didn’t know about it.”  Mrs. Dossey said, “Some schools knew about [the parade] because of the LISD website, but it was not communicated clearly and in advance.” 

The parade also featured winners of an essay writing contest about Martin Luther King that was made for the event. Cougar News Media Teacher Mrs. Dossey assigned her class to participate in the contest. “I thought it might be a fun thing to do,” she said, “especially because it was the first Annual MLK Celebration for The City of Leander.”

The essay winners on a float at the parade.

After the parade, there were food trucks, activities, and other celebrations of diversity in our community. In honor of Dr. King’s dream organizers encouraged the crowd to add their dreams for the community to a big poster. Next year try to come to the parade. Maybe our school will be there, and we can all celebrate Martin together. On Monday, our school was closed to honor Martin and all that he has done. It is good to honor him on one day in January, but let us all do our part to live his dream every day of the year.