Ms. Gonzaba Spotlight


Brody Martin, Reporter/Writer

Miss Gonzaba is a 7th grade ELA teacher and cheer coach.  This is her first year teaching at RBMS and before coming here she taught ELA at Leander Middle School for 2 years.

One thing you might not know about Miss Gonzaba is that she also went to RBMS and Leander High Schools as a student. A funny fact is at her graduation ceremony she fell down the stairs.  Somebody that she knows from high school is Coach Hopp, and Mr. Terry taught her siblings.  She loves to hang out with her family and friends. Traveling is something she also enjoys.

Miss Gonzaba has some interesting opinions about ELA, one thing that most people don’t agree with is that “The Outsiders is not a good book. It just never got me hooked,” said Miss Gonzaba, “And it was not relatable enough.” Some units she likes to teach are, “Dystopian and the Argument units.”  

She works very hard and hopes this year will be her first-ever normal teaching year.  She is very dedicated to her students and always makes class fun.