Home of The Books

Home of The Books

Mikaela Yanez, Reporter/Writer

At RBMS the library is often visited, by classes, students, teachers and for different reasons. Mostly being, reading. Books can be used for many things, entertainment, learning, and assistance. 

  Ms. Brooks tries her hardest to get the right books for every student, “I have a Google form where kids can recommend new books.” Ms. Brooks explained. “Every year I take those recommendations and add new books.” Not all books can make the shelves due to school guidelines, “Our district has certain restrictions we need to abide by.” Ms. Brooks said. “So when I looks for new books I look for the ratings to one, see if the book is worth it and two, check to see if it is highschool level.”

The library is used mostly by students or teachers, “I enjoy reading, I like the library because it offers you books and a place to read,” 7th grader Alissa Wills, “I feel like there’s always a new book for me to read there.” Every other week the 7th grade ELA classes go the the library every so often, “So I take my class to the library every other week” 7th grade ELA teacher Mrs. Dossey said, ” The weeks we don’t go I allow the students to go during class.”

Every student has a favorite genre,” Right now we are in our Dystopian unit.” Alissa says, “So I’ve been reading those books more.” I wonder what the librarians favorite genre is? “I like cross genre books!” Ms. Brooks says, “Like Twilight, it’s fantasy because of the vampires and werewolves but also a romance.” 

Our school Library will help us in many ways, it will give  us entertainment, teach us  new skills, educate us. I guess you could say the Library is pretty booked.