Mrs. Dossey Spotlight


Brody Martin, Reporter/Writer

Mrs. Dossey is a 7th grade On Level ELA teacher, Advanced ELA teacher, Yearbook teacher, and News Media teacher. If that’s not a lot I don’t know what is. She has taught at RBMS for 8 years and RBMS is the only place she has taught thus far.

Even though teaching 4 different subjects are hard, she thinks there are some benefits. “I like the variety of it.” Said Mrs. Dossey. “I also like how there is always something changing. Teaching 4 classes keeps it interesting.” There are also some minuses of teaching 4 subjects. “I always feel behind and I’m always busy.” Mrs. Dossey also loves to hang out with her family, friends, and her dogs.

Mrs. Dossey has some subjects that she loves to teach. “I like to teach Fiction because it carries throughout each unit, so I get to teach it all year” said Mrs. Dossey. But Mrs. Dossey also has some unpopular opinions about ELA. “I don’t know why people think ELA is not useful, it is very useful. Everyone needs to know how to read and write for everything your future might bring.” A fun fact about Mrs. Dossey is that she doesn’t like to read that much, but loves to write.

Even though she teaches 4 classes, Mrs. Dossey takes time for each of her students and always cares for them inside and outside of the classroom.