Learning and Growing from Student Council

Learning and Growing from Student Council

Joshua Grimes, Editor

Here at RBMS, we have our own student council that helps plan different events and activities that the school does. For instance, they helped plan Red Ribbon Week and canned food drives every year.

The positions in student council are:

President: Srihan Ledalla

Vice President: Kathryn Shrileyhuff

Secretary: Aly Gunara

Treasurer: Arin Iyer

6th Grade Committee Head: Peter Nkala

8th Grade Committee Head: Sri Edala & Ritvik Koneru


In a normal student council meeting, they discuss projects and activities they want to happen and how to make them happen. “We share ideas of how to make the activities fun for students and also help the school or community.“ said Mr. Paetow 

The president’s job for Student Council is to talk to Dr. Rose to get ideas approved. “The president will also help lead meetings, create flyers, and keep the activities/projects organized.“ said Mr. Paetow 

The reasons Mr. Paetow became the sponsor of the Student council is, “I wanted to be the RBMS Student Council sponsor because I was in Student Council when I was in Middle School and High School. I loved being a part of it and learned leadership and organizational skills that I still use today. I wanted to help students of today see those traits in themselves as well.” 

So the student council helps its members learn skills we will use in life and grow as a person. So next semester when they have their next meeting go to it and help our school and learn new skills.