Outside Lunch


Alyse Kavanaugh, Reporter/Writer

About two weeks ago RBMS staff decided to let students sit outside at the newly established lunch tables. The staff wanted to have students enjoy the weather, and they were worried about space last year since RBMS had more kids back with very few kids online this year. 

“We had room for 130 kids in the cafeteria when we had 400,” says Mr Garza, the 8th grade assistant principal. he goes on to said, “Lunch tables outside can seat 6-10 people with a space for a handicapped person.”

“Space was an issue, so the idea that kids might be able to eat outside was a solution,” said Dr. Rose 

Certain people are allowed to sit outside, such as if you have had ISS recently you cannot go until after winter break when the system restarts and everyone has a clean slate to start the new year off.

For example, once at lunch, Mr. Garza asked who had their student badges on them, and whoever did get the option to sit outside.

“I like to sit outside because I enjoy the nice breeze and plus all my friends sit outside, and there are no teachers outside so I can play cards against humanity,” says Jacob Shingleton, an 8th grader. 

Most students I have talked to, sit outside to be with their friends and enjoy the nice weather we have been having since the end of November.

The new tables have made a great new addition to the RBMS campus and continue to bring joy to a student’s lunch. Now some tables even have umbrellas! Woohoo!