A Breath of Fresh Air


Joshua Grimes, Editor

Here at RBMS, we have gotten six brand new lunch tables outside the lunchroom. These tables which originally came at the beginning of November will be used for lunch and a bit differently from grade to grade.

The tables were ordered in late July and arrived in late October. Then the tables which came unbuilt were put together by district workers. The funding for the tables has come from campus funding and PTA.

According to Dr. Rose, “Overall we had requests from students for a couple of years and the 8th-grade class is one of the biggest classes the school has had and we want to spread out kids.” The new tables allow students to eat in a nice place outside and have additional space to spread out.  I think we will see a lot of usage out of them when the sun is out and it starts to warm up. 

Although there are only six tables now only being able to hold a relatively small number of students, the school has plans to add six more. “Due to accessibility laws, we will only be able to fit six more.” explained Dr.Rose  

The tables are also a great incentive for students because they can have an opportunity to sit at the tables.  Students are chosen by the Assistant Principles and they try to rotate the selection daily. The main reasons for all grades are is the student behaves if they want to sit there and then they will rotate the students who spend their lunch outside.

These tables are a great addition to the campus. They give a good incentive for students and give us the opportunity to eat outside with the fresh air.