Christmas Spirit

Christmas Spirit

Khalyn Jones, Reporter/Writer

Doing some research on the topic I found out that, “For some, Christmas decorations go up as soon as Halloween ends on 31st October.” They just skip over Thanksgiving and hope for the next big holiday, and looking more into it, “Twitter poll Monday asked if it’s too early to start decorating for Christmas and more than 60% voted yes.” That is a bunch of people, and they all think that November 1st is too early.

 You have to see the other side of things like with covid people will be traveling to see their family and there already is a problem with shipping and a big hold back on supplies so is everything going to be in stock that they need. 

I wanted to know how my fellow students at RBMS felt about everyone in the Christmas spirit and to see if their families have started to get into the Christmas spirit. First I interviewed 7th grader Austin Whitaker and he told me, “Yes I do think people are getting ready for Christmas too early and none of my family have started to decorate yet.” Most people would debate if you start doing something early and change it to make it better or worse. “Yes, I think people are getting ready for Christmas too early but my family has not started doing anything yet,” said 7th grader Aaron Varghese. Talking to an even amount of people I got a 50/50 answer about if they thought people started early or not. Like when I interviewed 7th grader Brooklyn Bernard, “No I don’t think people are getting in the spirit, my family just bought their trees.” 

Most people do their own thing, some people celebrate differently than others. People should do what they want and love normally you do it early or late.