Featured Staff- Ms. Novak 

Featured Staff- Ms. Novak 

Alyse Kavanaugh, Reporter/Writer

Some may know Ms. Novak from her teaching them this year in 8th grade, or from the Step Team, the club that she co-sponsors along with Mrs. Morris.

Ms. Novak has been at RBMS for 4 years, and all this time she has only taught 7th grade ELA, and advanced ELA. 

This year she has taken on the role of being an 8th grade on level ELA teacher as well as an advanced ELA teacher. After the second six weeks, a new position opened up as an AVID teacher, she took up that job too.

“A positive was learning something new.” says Ms. Novak, “It has been an exciting ride.”  She tells about how AVID has affected her life as a teacher,  “One negative was I had to have my two on level classes disperse, but I also gained great kids.” 

The club that she host’s after school every week is Step Team, “With Step Team we teach kids the culture and teach them routines.” She talks more about the Step Team and how she has helped kids on the team, “It’s also interesting to see the shy kids shine and have that be their outlet.”

She talks about why she loves teaching AVID and ELA. “I love them both for different reasons, ELA is where I get to gush about books, AVID is where I get to watch them get organized and ready for college.”

She is a mentor and a friend to many students and teachers on campus. Ms. Novak went to the University of Texas at Austin, “AKA the best college in Texas.” 

One of her students said, “She is a great teacher, she is very helpful, and always helps me understand things when I don’t understand them.” says 8th grader Riley Freeburg.

Overall, all her students and past students love her and appreciate the hard work that she does for them.