Squid Game or Lame Game


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Mikaela Yanez, Reporter/Writer

The Netflix original ‘Squid Game’ has taken a hold over the world, starting up new arguments, theories, and celebrity crushes. According to Flixpatrol.com this K-drama was #1 on Netflix for 35 days. Landing second place behind, “The Queen’s Gambit” which was in #1 on Netflix for 46 days. People believe that Squid Game is overrated and is not as good as  people make it seem.

Some people think it was good but didn’t like the ending. “No, I don’t think it is underrated,” said 7th grader Khalyn Jones,”It wasn’t the best ending, and it wasn’t the worst ending. It was an okay ending.” Most watchers don’t like the ending because of character, Seung Gi-hun’s choices, “I don’t like how he chose to go back to the game instead of seeing his daughter,” Squid Game watcher Bri’an Atkins said, “I think he should have gone to see his daughter before she left.

As much as people can debate about whether the show is underrated or overrated, and if the ending was good, they can agree to disagree that Player 101 is one of the most hated characters. In the show he is portrayed as a vicious and cruel ‘bully’, Many people find an

un-liking to him. “He was selfish and almost killed everyone,” Squid game fan 7th grader Violet Henri explained, “He was a jerk through the whole show.” Another character that is definitely not on watchers favorite character list is, Cho Song-wo. He is introduced to us as Gi-huns old friend, but through the progression of the show we see how his character is definitely not as nice and sweet as he came off. Most of his actions earned him a spot on least favorite character list.

There are many hated characters but also a lot of liked characters. Kang Sae-byeok, otherwise known as Player 067, has taken the place as favorite character and a new TV crush to a lot of viewers. “She’s a good character,” Bri’an said. “She had a lot of  character development.”  Other people like Ali or ‘player 199’ because of his sweetheart character. Especially because his first impression is of him saving the main character. Character development and attitude is what earned these characters on the most liked list.

“I cannot for the life of me understand how it became the most popular show on Netflix ever. It had an ‘ok’ plot twist,” said Carson from Rottentomatoes.com it wasn’t better than Money Heist or the Umbrella Academy.” Some viewers don’t understand the popularity of the show.

Another review from Andrew T on Rotten Tomatoes reads, “Watch this because of all the publicity and hype I’ve seen recently. Extremely overrated show, I really don’t get why people think this is at all good.” Now all though it seems that the show is run by bad reviews it gets overpowered by top critics good reviews. Such as, “It’s tightly written, each episode packed with enough pace to make it truly binge worthy.”  One review from Abah Shah on Rotten Tomatoes reads. One review explains the popularity and hook this show has over the world perfectly, John Doyle said, “What you’ve got in Squid Game, for all its now-notorious darkness, is a brave, dark, ambitious tale, at times moving and at times terrifying. Its power is in its understanding that money is survival.”