The Pep is Back


Cheer performance at a Pep Rally from 2018

Joshua Grimes, Editor

Here at RBMS, we are going to have a pep rally on November 17th. This will include members in the show who will be Sliver Stars, Step Team, Band, and Athletics. There will be performers from Sliver Stars, Cheer, Band, Step Team, and Band. The last time we did a Pep Rally was in 2019 so most people at our school haven’t been to one.

This rally will be different from past rallies since it will be outside at the football field. “It should be super hyped and spirited and every grade level will come.” Mrs. Harris, the dance teacher who is organizing the rally said.

Ms. Harris will start having meetings soon with other teachers and coaches to help plan what will happen at the rally and what each program will do. The other teachers and coaches have not spent too much time with Ms.Harris on the planning of the pep rally. “They are not really involved but they give insight and how much time they have to get students ready.” said Ms. Harris.

There will also be one other Pep Rally during this year in the spring which will also be on the football field. The second Pep Rally should include performances from the same groups. Get prepared with warm clothes and get your Cougar Spirit on at the Pep Rally on Wednesday, November 17th!