RBMS School Mascot Missing?!

RBMS School Mascot Missing?!

Presley Borie, Reporter

                            Finding Out What Happened To The Mascot

The RBMS mascot was a Cougar, but where did the Cougar go? The last time we saw the mascot was in 2019. We must find out what happened to the beloved Cougar.

The cheer coaches were in charge of the mascot, and when we did have a mascot they would put a cheerleader in the costume! The cheer coaches stopped using the mascot because “We did not know how it worked because we were new to being cheer coaches,” said Ms. Gonzaba, the assistant cheer coach. “We did not know what to do with it.” There have not been requirements for the RBMS Cheerleaders; they all wanted to be the mascot back in 2019. Ms. Gonzaba is interested in bringing it back, she thinks it would be very fun. 

Addison Dishongh, a 7th grader, would not be interested in being the mascot. “It is old and gross so no thank you,” Addison said.

Kamiyah Cunningham, a 7th grader, would be interested in being the mascot. “It would be so cool,” Kamiyah said.

Who knows we might be seeing the mascot at one of the upcoming basketball games, and maybe we will see Kamiyah in the cougar costume soon! Let’s Go Cougars!!!