A New Season For RBMS Basketball

A New Season For RBMS Basketball

Liam Post, Reporter/Writer

Basketball is a very big sport in the USA, and at RBMS it is also a big deal. As the new season of basketball is on its way and the players are getting ready for the tryouts for the team. Coach Hopp and the other coaches are also getting ready.

Basketball coach, Brandon Hopp says, “Players will need to just show up for tryouts and have a physical, there are no real major requirements for coming to tryouts. Tryouts will be November 3rd-5th. I expect the athletes to give their best effort. In tryouts, we will just simply do basic drills like dribbling, shooting, and passing.”

Coach Hopp also says,My goals for the season are to develop the players and teach them the offense and defense schemes so when they get to the high school they are ready to play at the next level.”

A fellow student that is trying to make the basketball team says, “I like the sport and I feel I’m pretty good at defense, and not letting the other team score, I would also really like to make the team because it would be fun making the team and would probably make me enjoy the sport more.”

RMBS basketball players and coaches are both very excited for the new season of basketball to start and are getting ready for tryouts on November 3rd through the 5th. 7th graders will be trying out in the morning before school, and 8th graders will be trying out in the afternoon after school. The season begins with the first game on November 11th for the girls and November 18th for the boys.