La Llorona (Weeping woman)

La Llorona (Weeping woman)

Bee Jimenez

La Llorona was a woman who was known for her extreme beauty in her life and her name was also Maria. Maria was well known in her village but not for her wealth, oh no, it was for her extreme beauty and her family was proud of that. One day a nobleman was riding through the village on his carriage but was stopped in his tracks by Maria’s absolute and extreme beauty, he proposed immediately and she accepted. Maria’s family was thrilled about her own decision and she’d be marrying into wealth. The man’s father however was not so pleased as he was a very selfish, narcissistic and cruel man. He was extremely upset that his son would be marrying into poverty. The nobleman, aware of his father’s hatred towards Maria, built them a house in the village where they lived peacefully. Years later Maria had twin boys, The nobleman loved them dearly but he traveled a lot always bringing back gifts for the twins and Maria. Then suddenly he brought less and less gifts and only paid attention to the boys, eventually all together he left. Maria was devastated and suspected he left for a younger more beautiful woman. She raised the boys as a single mother with everything they needed.

Many years later she was walking with the twins along the river taking in the scenery when she noticed a familiar face, or to be more exact, a familiar carriage. Maria saw her husband who left her all those years ago to raise the twins alone, but he was with another woman who was younger and prettier. Maria’s world came crashing down around her, her ex husband was with her greatest insecurities, not being pretty anymore which is the reason he married her, and being poor. Maria was so enraged, confused and upset she picked up the boys and threw them in the river in a fit of rage and jealousy not knowing what she did until she saw their bodies She then jumped in hoping to be reunited but she was so overwhelmed with emotions she was trapped and forced to roam. 

Maria now goes by the name, La Llorona or the weeping woman and her cries and screams can be heard at night near a river. Be warned, La Llorona isn’t a kind one, as she is said to bring you bad luck if you see her, so if you hear her run. Children are said to be extremely careful as she is attracted to them and if you hear her as a child run or accept your fate She will think you’re her children but upon realizing you aren’t she’ll scream and in a fit of rage throw you like she did with her own children.

La Llorona is now used to scare misbehaving children to not go out at night. “It’s folklore- it’s a story that’s shared in hispanic culture.” said Mr Garza, our RBMS 8th grade Assistant Principal. “She was a woman who drowned her children and you could hear her at night. My family would tease us saying, La Llorona is gonna get you. I’d ask my mom who La Llorona was and my mom would tell me. Whenever we would drive by a river at night we’d roll our windows down to see if we could hear her.” 

That was the tale of La Llorona, a force of evil that shouldn’t be messed with. Have you heard her cries for her children or even seen her face to face? If you were told this story how’d you react? Happy Hispanic Heritage Month and Happy Halloween! We hope you never have a run in with La Llorona.