The New Wilco County Fair and Rodeo


Picture of a fair similar to what the Wilco Fair will look like.

Joshua Grimes, Editor

As you probably know we have a Texas State Fair where there are games, rides, livestock auctions, and lots of food. Now our Williamson County has a fair that lasts from October 21st through the 23rd. The new Wilco Fair will be at 5350 Bill Picket Trail Taylor, TX, which is near the Williamson County Expo Center and the Taylor Regional Park & Sports Complex. So if you can you should make plans to go!

There will be music at the fair with a talent stage. On the 22nd, Roger Creager will perform, and on the 23rd Tracy Byrd will perform. There will also be a carnival with rides and games for everyone.

There will be lots of food there as well. I’m sure there will be some good deep-fried food like a lot of other fairs. In addition, there will be a farmers market which will have local farmers and vendors selling all kinds of food.

Throughout the fair, there will be a rodeo, where there will be horse races and other competitions like roping. Kids can also do mutton bustin. Pig races will also happen during the fair.

So there will be lots to do at the fair and rodeo! This would be a great time to bring your family out, enjoy some of the festivities and wonderful Fall October weather!