Manager of Our School: The Principal

Principal Dr.Rose

Principal Dr.Rose

Joshua Grimes, Editor

What does the Principal actually do? You probably know that they run the school but how do they run the school?  “If it’s at school it’s a duty,” said Dr. Rose. Some main duties of a Principal are advising students and making sure the school is a safe environment. The Principal also deals with the budget assigned to the school from the district for things like supplies and other things our school may need. 

Our Principal Dr. Rose has been in the education field for 24 years and has been here at RBMS for 6 years. On a daily basis, Dr. Rose works from 7:30 A.M. to 4:00 P.M. but he also continues to check emails and calls people after he goes home so the work never stops.

Some hardships about the job are, “Social media issues because students and parents see issues on social media.”  Dr. Rose said. The best part of the job, “Is being in the classroom and seeing the students and making sure you have everything you need.”

The people Dr. Rose works with on a daily basis are the management team with the secretary and his bookkeeper and others who manage different parts of the school. Others that Dr. Rose works with the Assistant Principals who manage the different grade levels. Dr. Chatman 6th grade, Ms. Douglas 7th grade, and Mr. Garza 8th grade.

The job of Principal is one of great importance to a school because they are like the manager of the school and keep it running smoothly. So we should thank Dr. Rose for what he does for the school and the staff that helps him help us.